• Dianne Ray


Journey on Phillip Island - Cape Woolamai

We have now left Newhaven and driven passed the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory where you find scrumptious chocolate to indulge in. Close by is the entrance to Churchill Island. Churchill Island is home to a Heritage Farm and walks around the Island close to internationally recognised wetlands. Enjoy beautiful views, food from the café, Cape Barren geese, water fowl, swans, pelicans, maybe a hedgehog and every month there is a farmers market.

After driving passed Churchill Island, we turn down the Cape Woolamai Beach road and head to this beautiful surf beach, with amazing views and a coastal walk. This surf beach is recognised as a National Surfing Reserve and the beach is patrolled in the summer. If you like walking there is an approximate two hour walk around the Cape, where you will admire the fantastic coastal views, the Pinnacles and maybe wallabies in the wild. In the whale season you may even be lucky to catch a glimpse of a whale. The Cape is home to the largest colony of Short- tailed shearwaters on the Island. You will find cafes and shops at the entrance to Cape Woolamai and at the surf club.

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